Our History

Focusing on education as a cornerstone of success, the Black Culinarian Alliance advocated for improvements in career development for African-Americans, a demographic that has largely been sidelined from the culinary, food service, and hospitality fields.

During this era, the industry did not prioritize cultural diversity as a necessity; BCAGlobal acted vigorously through the decade to bring awareness to this problem.

The Black Culinarian Alliance was born when founder Alex Askew met with fellow graduates of the Culinary Institute of America to discuss the position of African-Americans in the culinary and hospitality industries. Later, the first black alumni chapter at the Culinary Institute of America was formed as an organization tasked with analyzing and addressing the lack of education and exposure for African-Americans in the industry.

BCAGlobal was established in 1993 as a non-profit, and expanded its demographic focus to promote not only African-American participation in the industry but to increase diversity overall and develop women as industry leaders. BCAGlobal has assisted students and professionals alike, through mentoring, networking, and career development, helping our members reach their fullest potential and position themselves as industry leaders.

In 2014, BCAGlobal has refocused its efforts. BCAGlobal is now reaching beyond the borders of the United States and developing connections in other cultural and culinary hubs of the world. The goal at BCAGlobal is to unite the world through its diversity in the culinary, food service, and hospitality industries.