BCA Industry Seal of Approval

Employers, would you like to find the best candidates as quickly as possible and know they know the business?

Candidates, would you like a way to set yourself apart from the rest and test your knowledge?

The BCA Industry Seal of Approval is an independent culinary skills vetting program that benefits both employers and candidates. Our Industry Seal of Approval streamlines the interviewing and hiring process. Validating candidates via an independent body identifies candidates with proven skills and competencies. Individuals measured for standards of performance comprise a pre-vetted elite.

Vetting will be based on industry skills and knowledge sets necessary for competency and career advancement. Vetting will be performed by written and verbal tests created in collaboration with leaders in the culinary and food service industries.

Evaluation Process for BCA Seal of Approval:

  1. Years in school and/or industry. Diploma, certificate, or other marks.
  2. Essay completion  
  3. Referral and references  
  4. Standardized test   
  5. Processing/registration fee

The BCA Seal of Approval will be granted only after all conditions have been met.

A successful evaluation program:

Levels of Evaluation (Professional and Young Professional Chefs):

Young Professional: Persons between the ages of 18-25 seeking a career in the culinary arts. Minimum requirement of one year culinary education or industry experience. Students are accepted.

Professionals: Persons over the age of 25 or with over 2 years experience seeking or maintaining a career in the Culinary Arts.

Validation Criteria:

Knowledge Set: Passing both oral and written test

Skill Set: Passing all minimum acceptable standards for cooking practical based on culinary fundamentals. Professional level will include addendum of beverage, finance and leadership.

Evaluators will be comprised of BCA Global industry partners with significant experience in the culinary and food service industries.

Ready to set yourself apart with the BCA Seal of Approval? Contact us for an appointment.