About Us

BCAGlobal Mission

BCAGlobal is a platform for linking professionals in the food service with students of color to enhance their education and provide career opportunities for advancement.

BCAGlobal Vision

BCAGlobal serves as a link between the foodservice and a young diverse audience seeking career opportunities. The value to the industry is in the investment in young culinary professionals who aspire to advance, network and develop their leadership abilities. 

BCAGlobal Strategy

BCAGlobal promotes diversity and cultural awareness in the culinary, food service and hospitality industries. We know by leveling the playing field with qualified professionals as diverse as the people they serve. Thanks to its supporters, BCAGlobal has sustained the recognition as the organization that the culinary and hospitality industries turn to for qualified professionals of color. BCAGlobal creates the opportunity to advance the growth of diversity at both grassroots and institutional levels, which is why BCAGlobal strives to empower career-minded individuals, but also expose industry leaders to the issues that those entering the field face.

Our work is crucial to the balanced growth of the industries we serve.We aim to compliment students’ and young professionals’ formal training with the appropriate soft skills necessary to succeed in their future, creating socioeconomic empowerment for themselves, their families, and the communities that support them. Our methodology of bridging the gap between the career providers and career seekers is embedded with the themes of cultural immersion, food sustainability, and healthy living. Our goal is to guide the future generation of culinary, food service, and hospitality leaders to embrace these ideologies.

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